Helicopter License Financial Aid

Getting a private license or commercial license is not a cheep endeavor. For many people it very possibly could be one of the many important reasons why they haven’t tried to get their helicopter license yet. Alas, the costs getting a helicopter license are only going up as this is an high priced hobby (or career). But do not be irritated! There are several options that you should explore to receive financial aid for your training.Fortunately, there are several choices for you to take which will allow you to afford the helicopter training you need. There are a number of groups, financing and scholarships available that will sponsor you and the expenditures needed to get a helicopter license.Listed below are quite a few sources which will help you financially:- Nearby flight groups
- AOPA Pilot Finance – run along with MBNA Bank, and offers personal loans to be used for any flight training expense. For more information, visit the aopa website or call 1 800 882 8648.
- Pilot Finance – This loan type can be used to finance part time training (1-5 lessons per week). For more information, visit the pilot finance website or call 1 800 667 0201.
- Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)The University Aviation Association (UAA) and -the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) – both of these groups are nationally certified
- Local Boy Scouts of America (of the their merit badges is in aviation and successful alumni may be willing to sponsor aspiring pilots)
- Helicopter Foundation International
- United States Air Force and The Air Force Aid Society
- Whirly Girls International (an organization that gives grants and loans to female students)
- Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FESOG)
- The Women in Aviation International (an organization that provides grants and loans to female students)In addition to the establishments above, there are various groups and clubs that offer scholarships to students and members. Having said that, the majority of scholarships commonly are not very well promoted. If you want to know about learning more about scholarships and helicopter financial aid options that may be available to you, the avscholarship website is very helpful.Listed below are the general requirements for some aviation scholarships:US Citizen
Full-time Student
Demonstrate financial aid need
Minimum Grade Point Average
College degree is an aviation related careerRemember to talk with your nearby flight school about financial aid options that they may supply. Frequently they will have different alternatives of payment that you can discuss about.It may take you time to find a method to pay for your helicopter financial aid, but in the end it is worth it.

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